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This is a kind of jaw-dropping story

9780062376336 By Billy Arya Nugraha

What do you know about sniper? Shooting enemies from distant place? Using extremely long rifle? I can tell you, “All you know is just less than a paragraph of a thick book.” Chris Kyle gave complete description about the process of training and the challenge of being a sniper, even memorable experiences that he had during a war. Really, he started all of this from the very beginning. You wouldn’t expect that it’s not as easy as we think. This book will make you say, “Aahh, I see” along the reading.

When you watch sniper movies, you’ll see snipers shooting enemies from distant place. It seemed easy for them. But do you know that they had to undergo very rough and body breaking days in order to have such skill? Do you know that most of them have psychological disorder during and after war?

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Bake: the Essential Companion

IMG_5255By Debora Yuza

Despite not trying all the recipes inside, I still love cookbooks with all my heart and I have three simple reasons why.
First of all, from an aesthetical perspective, cookbooks look great on book shelfs most of them are thick, big and hard-covered. They look good standing in a row, piled up high horizontally and even lying on a coffee table by itself. Growing up, I never see myself having a collection of books that will be worth buying a shelf for (I only read comics back then) until I stumbled upon the wonderful world of cooking and cookbooks, everything changed ever since. Did you know that when I went back to Indonesia for good after 3 years of studying in Melbourne, almost half of my baggage weight capacity was filled with cookbooks?
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Before I Go To Sleep

9780062060556_p0_v2_s260x420By Cellini Kamil

Before I Go To Sleep is a psychological thriller that published on 2011 and became the Sunday Times and New York Time best seller on the same year. This first book from S.J Watson will be adapted to the screen this October 2014 on Cinema. There are three main characters in the book, which center in a woman named Christine. She suffers from an anterograde amnesia, in which she can’t remember a thing that happened yesterday and create new memories every single day.  Continue reading