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Insight Out by Tina Seelig

Picture1“Entrepreneurs do much more than imaginable with much less than seems possible”

If you ever feel like starting a business but you don’t know where to start or if you have a brilliant idea but you have no idea how to implement it than Tina Seelig’s Insight Out may be the right book for you. As a professor in Stanford University and executive director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, Seelig has extensive experience and vast knowledge in entrepreneurship. Lucky for us, we are able to learn about entrepreneurship without actually attending her class. Continue reading

[Book Review] Irrationally Yours (2015)

7Irrationally Yours: on missing socks pick-up lines and other existential puzzles (2015)
by Dan Ariely, William Haefeli (Illustrations)
New York: HarperCollins Publisher

Twitter: @danariely

“Extraordinary answers to some casual questions you could have in your life.”

As a newbie reader, curiosity brought me to the fact that Dan Ariely, this book author, is also a lecturer – a Professor of Psycholgy and Behavioral Economics at Duke University. He has his own Q&A column in the Wall Street Journal named “Ask Ariely”. Luckily, we don’t have to give so much efforts to get Wall Street Journal back issues to read Ariely’s thought in respond to questions, not only the serious but also the curious one. The Q&As are all compiled in Irrationaly Yours, neatly arranged into well described topic, such “on midlife clichés”, “on the value of splitting checks”, “on eating lesson and kids”, or even “on Netflix dissatisfaction”. Continue reading