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(Book Review) Save Me

fsdfsdfAuthor: Lisa Scottoline, 451 Pages, Published: Smart Blonde

If you Love Jody Picoult, you will love this book. this is the story of a mother, Rose McKenna, whose daughter, Melly, is being bullied at school. It’s not the first time and Rose has moved Melly to several schools because of bullies.

Until one day, when Rose is volunteering at the school cafetaria during lunchtime and there is an explosion in the kitchen. Rose must decide whether to look after Melly or save Amanda, one of the girls who has been bullying Melly.

When Amanda is injured the town blames Rose and soon her life is falling to pieces. Amanda’s mother decides to sue, Rose’s marriage is put to the test and worse, when her daughter returns to school, the bullying only intensifies. Rose must take matters into her own hands and get to the truth of what really happened that fateful day in order to save herself, her marriage and her family.

Reviewed by Esther (MAXX Magazine, Edition III, 2015)


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(Book Review) REBELS: City of Indra

asdasdAuthor by Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Tak hanya cantik,  Jenner sisters ternyata berbakat dalam dunia sastra. Terbukti dengan novel yang berjudul Rebels: City of Indra yang mereka terbitkan. Novel ini menceritakan dua gadis berkekuatan super bernama Lex dan Livia. Mereka memulai perjalanan dan petualangan bersama. Namun dalam perjalanan tersebut mereka menemukan masalah dan butuh kerjasama untuk melewatinya.

Reviewed by Salli Sabarrang (Cosmopolitan Magazine, November 2015)

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(Book Review) Paris Street Style

Author by Isabelle Thomas and Frederique Veysset. ISBN-13: 9781419706813

“Paris tampaknya akan selalu jadi kota dimana Anda dengan mudah menemukan fashionista diberbagai sudut kota. Isabelle Thomas dan Frederique Veysset mencoba mengungkap street style kota mode ini dengan memaparkan unsur-unsur penting yang harus ada di lemari anda.”

Reviewed by Salli Sabarrang ( Cosmo Reads,  Cosmopolitan Magazine, September 2015)

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(Book Review) Coco Chanel

cocochanelAuthor by Lisa Chaney. ISBN-13: 9780143122128

Chanel menjadi muse untuk banyak seniman dunia seperti Picasso, Dali, dan Stravisky. Buku kontroversial mengungkapkan kebenaran tentang kehidupan Chanel. Sebagai penulis, Lisa Chaney mengeksplorasi asal-usul, daya kreatif, dan penderitaan rahasia wanita yang luar biasa ini.

Reviewed by Salli Sabarrang (Cosmopolitan Magazine, September 2015)


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(Book Review) Jakarta Jive, Bali Blues

Author by Jeremy  Allan, 354 Pages. Published: YellowDot

This Book reminds me of Julia Suryakusuma, one of the best authors from Indonesia. she writes on social and political themes that are very Indonesian. It is the sam ground covered by Jeremy Allan, but from the point of view of a western man who has lived in Indonesia for 30 years.

dfgdfgAllan casts his eye on Jakarta and Bali, capturing the special rhythms of life in the two locations. “Jakarta Jive, Bali Blues” is a compilation is “Jakarta Jive” and  “Bali blues”, which were  published several years ago. Though some of the events covered here arre old, the themes remain relevant.

The economic crisis of 1998, traffic jams, religious belief and tension, indonesian culture, women’s rights, the east Timor referendum, the Bali Bombing, life in Kuta and much more receive the attention of Allan and add colour to the book.

As I turned the pages, I often found myself laughing at some of the typical Indonesia habits like the ritual of returning to the village for Lebaran and Indonesian-style dating. It’s never too late to read this book.

Reviewed by Esther ( MAXX-Magazine, Edition III, 2015)

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