Best friend is about taking and giving, accepting and understanding

9789461954008-300x400By Susan Monalusia
The 365 Animal Bedtime Stories is a big book that offers a bedtimes story for everyday of the year. It’s arranged as an everyday journey by following adventures with Nolo Giraffe, Baabra Sheep, Bouncher Brachio, Slye Snake, Zig and Zag Zebra and many more in Firefly Island.

There are 365 stories for everyday and every occasion. In the first page, which is tittled is Bonfire Day dated on 1 January the story begins with people in Firefly Island is celebrating the new years. The main character introduced in the next tittles on the next page. Then the adventure just begins. The story has taken from everyday life, like having a new friend, learn to ride a bicycle, going to the doctor and many more story like that. So children will familiar with the activities and would say that the story is so like me..!

The book is designed to read aloud, even though it is suitable to be read by children who is starting to learn reading by them self. Yoyo Books as a Publishers, who is very concerned with children book has make this book is easy to be read. It has simple story and perfect length for each story. So children won’t be confused while they’re reading this book. Not to forget, the enchanted illustration that will bring kid’s imagination far away to the Firefly Island.

My one year old boy has very attracted with the illustration, meanwhile my elementary daughter has her own favorite story, which is Yes You Were. It’s about friendship between Baabra Sheep and Slye Snake. One day those two best friends are arguing about one things. even in this story there is no climax and anti climax, but children can learn about friendship, that sometimes even with our best-friend we could have arguing or disagree about anything, but don’t let it hurting your best friend.

Best friend is about taking and giving, accepting and understanding. she likes this story because it remind her of her best friend at school. for mommy like me, this book is treasure. there are 365 stories in one book . So I don’t need to be confused choosing a story book every night for my children. with this book, I make a challenge for my daughter to read one story one night for 365 days for instead of hours with gadget. (ISBN: 9789461954008)



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