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World Book Day 2018 is TODAY!

Happy #WorldBookDay
When is World Book Day 2018?
In the UK and Ireland, World Book Day 2018 is celebrated on Thursday, March 1.
In other countries it is marked on April 23, the day of William Shakespeare’s birth.
However, in the UK and Ireland, it is always celebrated on the first Thursday of March.
The date was decided so it does not interfere with religious holidays, school term times and any other charitable activities.
What happens on World Book Day?
The aim of World Book Day is to celebrate books and reading and is marked in a total of 100 countries around the world.
Both primary schools and secondary schools up and down the country take part as a way of encouraging children to see reading as a hobby.
Many schools run special activities to show how reading books can be fun and to allow kids to discover new authors.