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Best friend is about taking and giving, accepting and understanding

9789461954008-300x400By Susan Monalusia
The 365 Animal Bedtime Stories is a big book that offers a bedtimes story for everyday of the year. It’s arranged as an everyday journey by following adventures with Nolo Giraffe, Baabra Sheep, Bouncher Brachio, Slye Snake, Zig and Zag Zebra and many more in Firefly Island.

There are 365 stories for everyday and every occasion. In the first page, which is tittled is Bonfire Day dated on 1 January the story begins with people in Firefly Island is celebrating the new years. The main character introduced in the next tittles on the next page. Then the adventure just begins. The story has taken from everyday life, like having a new friend, learn to ride a bicycle, going to the doctor and many more story like that. So children will familiar with the activities and would say that the story is so like me..! Continue reading

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